Moar Progress!


Story: 80%

Character Art: 40%

Background Art: 50%

CG Art: 0%

UI & Programming: 35%

Sound Assets: 60%

Sorry it's been so long since my last check-in Rest assure the team is still very hard at work. The end of summer has brought with it a lot of distractions, but we press onward!

Writing has progressed pretty smoothly. Nearly complete! Once the story script is complete, It'll be converted into a raw script.

Artwork has progressed just as well. I recently held a draw-stream to show off the Art assets in production. Fans  got a peek at the first batch of character sprites being completed. It was a huge success. I may end up doing it again  next week

Our heroine looks so cute, doesn't she?

Despite coming out of some turbulent times, I'd say our progress is smooth. We should be back up to full steam in the coming days and making HUGE leaps forward. I hope everyone has as much fun playing this game as we're having fun making it!!!

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