Progress Report


Story: 60%

Character Art: 30%

Background Art: 35%

CG Art: 0%

UI & Programming: 35%

Sound Assets: 30%

Things have been progressing smoothly. The story has been surprisingly hard to adapt. But on second thought, its not TOO surprising. the original source material consists of almost no dialogue apart from the constant utterance of the words "Not I". Jokes aside, I'm pretty confident in how the story is coming along.

From the pictures you've seen on our store page, you can probably tell I've already had a rough Idea of the character designs already.  Now comes the task of creating sprites which will display the necessary range of emotions. It's hard to know what exactly will be needed of my characters before the script is 100% complete, but I have a rather good Idea of what'll be needed. So I've been able to take some steps forward whenever I hit a writing slump. Gotta always stay active, Y'know?

backgrounds have been pretty easy to move through. Our usable locations are pretty well defined by the source material and don't quite need any adapting. All there is to do is to draw. Unlike the CG Assets. CGs, like the characters, are one of those things you can't quite figure out until you've got a finished script in front of you. I've been saving this section for close-to the end.

I've been working alongside our coder during my downtime to create the UI for our game. He's really great at taking direction and we've been able to lay the foundation for a pretty great UI. We're starting with some of the bigger elements such as the text-box and things that appear during game-play. I'm pretty sure smaller stuff will naturally fall into place.

our composer has been hard at work creating quite a few sample tracks. He likes to work "buffet style" where he'll gather as many different melodies and riffs as possible at once, and then use all the feedback to come back with one master plate. its a thurough, if not time consuming way of working. But as an artist myself, I know everyone's got their own style of work. It's resulted in some good track so far,  so I'm more than willing to let him do as he pleases. 

All in all, I'd say our progress is smooth. And writing everything down like this fills me with energy. it excites me to be able to quantify our efforts toward bringing this game to life. I hope everyone has as much fun playing it as we're having fun making it!!!

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